What we do

Mozambique is undergoing a period of economic transformation, due to the development of the extractive sector and its impact on the creation of an associated value chain. This transformation is reflected in a new competitiveness paradigm, influencing the current dynamics of the Mozambican labour market and business realm.
However the information gap between capital intensive projects and local SMEs and human resources, still hinders the country’s development.

Company Vision

Access to information is one of the most important factors for individual and collective development. We dis-seminate information, connecting opportunities between people and companies in a network of progress to develop the Mozambican economy.


Our mission is to filter, select and centralize information about companies service providers and qualified human capital, to support investments in Mozambique, aligned with the local development policies of the Mozambican Government. We serve as a bridge between companies and provide access to information on employment and business opportunities in a friendly user interface.